Further information.

How does this work?

Fill in the order form provided, attach a small sample if possible, and email it to me.  I will reply with a quotation on how long I estimate the work will take.

  Send the work either in electronic or paper form to the address provided and I will proofread/edit it to your specifications.  


As a rule of thumb allow me 24 hours per 5000 words to proofread, 4000 words to light edit and 3000 to medium edit.  Full edit will depend a lot on the brief you send.


I will return the documents to you ASAP either as a word document with edits or a photocopy with paper proofreading marks and a query list. I will also return your original documentation and an invoice.


 PayPal its easiest method to pay with, but I am happy to discuss alternative arrangements if you prefer.

What do you mean by number of words?

The number of words is the the most common way to measure the amount of work required in a job. Its the number of words in the original text.
As part of the editing process involves making the process longer or shorter dependent on circumstance we will report that final word count on the document.

Please be honest about the length of the document words long, let me know. I will respond if the job is beyond my capabilities but you wont know unless you ask.  

Does it include titles, contents, captions, index etc?

Yes, I edit the entire document, imagine if you had errors in your references! So, the word count includes every word of the text.