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Back in Business

Hello friends,

I promised a lot more than I could deliver over Christmas and have let myself fall behind. not only in blogging but many other areas. In my defence my husband and his brother decided to repaint the house in mid-December, and told me their plans in... mid-December. Added to that the lockdowns caused by corona virus causing me to be teacher to the boys and my laptop being cracked on boxing day and you get an idea of the stress I have been under.

I do have some pretty pictures of the slippers embroidered for my mother-in-law.

The slippers were these Keiko Uchida Slippers which were lovely to embroider. I had a nice time despite not using a hoop the linen material was sturdy and held the stitches beautifully.

The pattern was from Decembers Love Embroidery Magazine. Which has some nice patterns in it I pricked and pounced the pattern using some tracing paper. this seemed the easiest method as the ground was curved and the designs had to be fairly similar. I then filled in the dots using a fabric pen the results were somewhat messy but I was happy with it.

I changed the colour scheme a bit as I wanted a design that was more tailored to her taste.

Although this is not my first-time embroidering clothing it is my first time embroidering a curved surface and between two pre-sewn layers you have to get pretty inventive when starting and finishing threads. For almost all of this pattern the needle has to work backward and horizontally to avoid breaking the lining and leaving gaps. That results in a very thick surface work that should nevertheless be comfortable to the wearer.

I manage to finish these fairly easily (even with the cat invasion) and I am happy with the results!

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