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Pics or it didn’t happen! Comes the shout from across the world when I post on Facebook. There is something in the modern world that almost enforces the idea that to do something you have to post it and get likes. I have unfortunately fallen victim to this universal fever and the only way to assuage it is I am afraid to blog it.

Yes. I am subjecting you unfortunates to my tea soaked musings as I sew. To save myself. Honestly you are but victims of my enthusiasm because this year I found out, I love to embroider!

I have always enjoyed the art of taking some simple things and making something greater than its parts from them. Baking a cake out of some powders, fat and an egg. With some cloth, string and a sewing machine you can make a garment, and with some string, cloth and beads you can make a 2.5-dimensional image of anything real or unreal!

In the summer of 2019, my mother decided she would treat herself for a birthday present by teaching herself to use a Tambour or Luneville hook. As a keep cross-stitcher in previous times she was excited by this. She also decided to teach me at the same time so we would have a hobby to do together. I was happy to give it a go. Although not a needle woman I knew my way around a sewing machine and had an interest in bead weaving so it would be another interesting thing I could learn.

Fast forward a year and we are sending each other daily updates on various projects and sending the aforementioned pictures. This is just a continuation of that energy.

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