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Beach Unicorn

Back when shops were open, I made some thread purchases for a new project and bragged about it in this blog post shop-haul I actually worked this project a while ago and as it was a Christmas present for my friend, however I could not post it earlier because to avoid spoiling the surprise I told her to read this blog and then avoided posting about it as much as possible.

My friend has now had a month to enjoy her Beach Unicorn and I can now relax about it enough to share some details about making it.

The original image came from as a "woodland unicorn" which is a bit cliché to be honest. From a purely anthropological standpoint, if a unicorn is a herbivore like many horses, it would be happier living out on the open plains or windswept moors and not somewhere it could easily get its horn caught in branches.

Unicorns are also unlikely to live on beaches (where there is very limited grass and freshwater) but mine is mystical idea of a beach. It embodies the dream of warm soft sands brushing cold wild ocean currents. As my friend enjoys surfing I hoped it would help keep her going as she, like me, battles with lockdown hundreds of miles from the closest shore.

To that end I made the coat entirely from variegated hand dyed silk, which was lovely to use and made such lovely warm soft shifting patterns just like the feel of sand under bare feet.

The mane and tail were the wet and wild seas crashing and swirling over the sand and it got a bit complicated trying to tambour lots of small pieces of different blues and tying them off, eventually it worked. I think it went well.

I put some pinks and greens in the image as well with the Frangipani flowers to give the beach a tropical feel

and contrast the blues.

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