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Can't count, won't count: An Adventure in Kogin.

Hello, This should have been posted last week but unfortunately a Migraine came and swept my brain into the abyss.

I have finished my new needle book and its great!!! Less than half the size and space for so many more Needles! This has been more of an adventure than a learning curve because I had no idea what Kogin embroidery was about when I started this Kit bought from Maire Curtis. Yes, I know I should research more, I just loved the design. So I got the kit and was very confused,

“work the chart from left to right from the bottom up”.

That really didn’t say enough for a beginner but it was an intermediate kit so I did the buttonhole, blanket stitching around the edge and looked for instructional videos, I found a couple and this website and thought "ok counted running stitch in horizontal sections I can do this!" Boy was I wrong!!

I started in the middle as the website instructions said and forgot the books instruction to work from the bottom up and the realized I can’t count.

I mean I really cannot count, this is why I never took up cross-stitch or knitting or crochet or any of those other “simple” crafts. It made my life as a chemist a nightmare,

“ How many samples did you test?”

“Erm, 30 no, 28, 27…I started with 30 jars then I realized I only had 29 and 2 of them were too dirty to use so I tested 27 sample, I think…” counts again “yes, 27”.

So my first attempt was a disaster after 3 days of attempting it I got to this point, and then pulled it all out to start again.

The second go I marked out the shape of the card below in fabric pen first, then reread the instructions and decided to follow that and the image on the front page of the card.

After many more miscounts, misdirection’s and going up to the wrong lines I was done!!

Then I had to sew the card into the cover which went wrong, attach the elastic, which went wrong and then attach the pages that started ok but went wrong. At which point I decided to forget the instructions and used back stitch and blanket stitch to sew up all the issues and although it would never look perfect it would at least be functional!! Which it is and its very pretty and I love it.

Although reading up on Kogin and sashiko has me trying something else new: Repairs!

My next project is to try and darn these jean holes using embroidery, it wont be as lovely as the Japanese would do it but I may just get another years life from my jeans and that is worth it!

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