• Lucie Zeale

Delays and Enablers.


I hope you are all well! I haven’t blogged for a week due to many changes happening here in the drive of pebbles, we have new Carpet upstairs! Which has meant a lot of moving and shifting of furniture and people. I actually had to move myself and the boys to my parents house for the weekend which was lovely although my mother (aka “the Enabler”) has gone way ahead of me with her Goldwork game and gave me half a dozen pieces of silk and velvet for grounds which I cannot show you because they are in a box but they are totally lovely! and some Jap and got me dead jealous of her serpent. I will have to ask her if I can post it here.

However it also means that in the confusion I left my clamps in Devon, which is not so good. So my fledgling Goldwork dragon has been put aside as has the Aldi Hummingbirds and I started a new crewel work Bird which doesn’t need the supports. I will talk more about later but at the moment there is so much to do that I don’t know which way is up.

I will be in touch later when I (hopefully) have a more coherent thought process and more completed projects and there will be a full accounting of these shiny things!!

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