• Lucie Zeale

Doodling in between projects.

This week I finished a large project, one which is very important to me, which I cannot write about because its a Christmas present, and so I will only be able to mention it after it has been delivered.

I have to also wait for a delivery before starting another Christmas present project so getting into anything else long term is not a good idea. I have a couple of ongoing projects like the Aldi humming birds and a Rainbow sampler and Y Draig Gwyrdd but that's all involving mental power and space both of which are in short supply at this time of year.

So I decided to do a bit of stitch doodling instead. Much like normal doodling this involves drawing small designs on instinct but then picking a thread and sewing it in.

I was aiming to start with using some patterns from Love Embroidery December edition but it was a bit complicated to transfer the designs- the space issue also means I have no Iron. so I just drew my own first some roses to practice woven wheels, A present since it is Christmas which involved a bit of tambour chain on the wrapping then taking the gold and making a Saxon cross in hand chain stitch. Then I felt I needed some sunshine and made a Sun which then became a Sunflower with French Knots for seeds. Stitch doodling can be a very fulfilling and mindful pursuit and I had a very good day not trying to do anything too strenuous but exercising my fingers and my brain.

I highly recommend trying it sometime!

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