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Foxy Monday

I am currently trying out a Thread painting pattern which came in Love Embroidery magazine. This was interesting for me, firstly because I am not used to working from instructions. my usual practice is to have an idea of something make a few sketches, get some fabric, and get stuck in, with mixed results.

The Green Alliance symbol here is a result of this sort of planning, not awful but not great.

Back to the fox, one of the striking thing about the magazine is that my editors eye was immediately drawn to the Typographical error in the first section about using and "erasbale pen". hmm.

Typo's aside I really like this eye catching fox and I have wanted to try thread painting for a while so why not.

I picked up a piece of Osnaburg fabric which I had found in my local fabric shop and liked and a new hoop and got started!

Except its never that easy. first I traced the design from the magazine and pricked out the tracing while half listening to Enola Holmes.

The best thing about Embroidery is that you can do it while doing other things, TV, Radio, Gossiping relatives. if you don't need your eyes and hands you can do those things and embroider!!

Now I had a sooty fox image on my fabric and drawn over it with water erasable pen I poked through the stash of cheap floss I had and found a few that would match colour-wise but no real DMC numbers and got going!

I am finding working like this is soothing I see the point of instructions and Maybe I can work on more instructions for my original project code name: Project Spoon!

The floss is mostly working well although the difference in quality between the different colours from different origins is making some issues. The black holds tighter compared to the oranges and the cream doesn't cover as well as I would like. The Osnaburg is slightly stretchy which means it is not holding as flat as I would like. The lovely "pop" when you push a needle into tense fabric has faded and the fabric is coming loose.; this could be due to the slipperiness of the hoop or the fabric and the best way to fix it would be to wrap the hoop first. so I may get around to that before I next post.

Still its looking good and I will post on this again soon!

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