• Lucie Zeale

Foxy’s finished!

And looking super handsome too I think.

The more work I did with the different thread types, the more frustrated I got; The Burgundy silk used for the Cow Parsley which is from my mums stash of random stuff. It feels lovely but my god does it love to fray and kink!

I also Finished my Anglo Saxon Brooch Project which is a triumph over perseverance over good sense.

this is an attempt to capture the Kingston Brooch found in Kent in 1771 in Miyuki size 11 and 15 beads in Gold Blue and Garnet. I used Tambour beading and some Aari beading to get the pieces in the right place.

This has taken since August, I redrew it 5 times did the patterning at least 7 changed fabric from synthetics to real organza, gold lame to gold leather, the bead choice from fiery to deep red. And learned so many things!

You can see the final piece on Instagram and below with some of my previous attempts here...

Its been a long hard and educational road but I am happy its done, next time I decide I want to make a 1200 year old brooch out of beads somebody pour me a stiff drink! I will need it! I am so proud though.

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