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Jesse's Sewing

This week I have mostly been sewing Crewel-work.

Sort of, I have been doing many things actually, but I have finished this lovely Crewelwork Turaco Bird by Sarah Homfray. After the painful start to the Aldi kit I thought I would try a few others and this was the first to arrive, Sarah Posts very quickly and has some lovely items in her shop and some great videos on her YouTube channel. The kit came nicely packages in its own box and came with chart, photo card holding the wool and instructions. Most importantly it had 3 (yes 3!) needles because I have lost 2 of them in my needle stash, I found that very considerate.

The bird itself uses mostly simple stitches, fly, stem and long and short stitches. I have never used wool before and I was concerned it would itch, but it appears that reaction is caused by synthetic wools and it was actually nice to handle. One issue I did have is that being used to cotton I would give knots a tug to clear them from the fabric can would end up with a wisp instead. It needs gentle handling for sure. But it was a nice projects to do the wool covers the linen nicely and lies in nice dimensional stitches, I will have to do some more one day. I was a little confused by Sarah's insistence that the pink was "Red" and some of the greens got confusing being very similar but I am happy with the way it turned out!

My other projects are all somewhat in stasis as I am currently trying to sort out the needle stash issue, I made a roll back in the summer from simple instructions found on Mary Corbet’s Blog here,

But, it is a bit scappy,

I have been wanting a more solid home for the stash so I am making this Maire Curtis Kogin embroidery needle case, which will hopefully feature in my next post!

If I can learn to count...

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