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Shop Haul

Yes I went to an actual embroidery shop!

Crown Embroidery in Hungerford and it was lovely I could have bought so much stuff. In fact I already got more than I should have.

I got a set of stabilizers and a heat transfer pencil because accurate translations of my ideas from paper to fabric is still an issue for me, the stabilizers came with instructions and ideas for use too which is very helpful when you are a complete beginner.

I also got some felt pieces and basting thread for mounting and stuffing work.

More excitingly I got to dive into the racks and racks of thread! From my experiences with the fox from Mondays Blog I knew I wanted to some thread painting with threads of the same weight and also to note the differences between them. So I go this big pile of Blue/greens this is to aid me with a Beach Based Tambour Project which I will share when I get started on it. Its very exciting and I am eager to get started but I have other projects to complete first and I don’t want to have too many plates spinning because I know from experience that is a recipe for disaster.

I got a range of DMC 100% cotton floss to mix into lovely blue green swirls as well as some DMC tropical and Mercized cotton and some of their light effects blue as well to mix it up.

Some Madiera Rayon reels as well to compare how they work on the tambour and a nice slate blue silk to try.

To make the beach I got these lovely hand dyed silk skeins and some rayon to be an outline.

I also picked up this madeira gold silk because well why not. The whole beach will be silk and I got some variegated DMC threads to make some cool frangipani foliage.

I am super excited to get started with this because it will be for a very good friend I will share more when I have cleared some of the other projects!

Hopefully I will be back to Hungerford soon here is their opening hours and appreciate that its one in one out at the moment due to Covid 19 Restrictions

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