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So Crafty Hummingbird Kit for £3.99 from Aldi

A month ago when I told my friend I was probably spending too much on Embroidery stuff she replied with “Aldi do embroidery kits!”.

“Oh yes encourage me to spend more!” was my immediate thought. Unfortunately the notion took root so I decided to get an Aldi embroidery Kit and see what it was like and post it here.

There were two options available in store a beginner long stitch kit whale and a 3D humming bird scene both looked nice But I got the humming birds as long stitch can get a bit repetitive.

Opening the box I am pleased to find a nice brown envelope with the hoop in and although the threads appear tangled they are actually on a nice card and tied together to prevent tangles they are 100% polyester but for £3.99 that’s reasonable and they are nice and bright.

The cotton provided is soft and smooth, it seems a little bit slippery but is apparently 100% cotton and there is a large eyed needle.

Two weeks later after starting this kit I can elaborate a little, Testing the cotton using Bernadette Banner’s burn and smell test I figured that the fabric is cotton but the design printed on it is some sort of coating Its nice and clear but the heavily printed lines make sewing onto them very hard and quite often the needle slips to a white space on either side of the line which gets frustrating.

The kit needle lasted about the space of a dragonfly wing, someone should tell them a needle should be sharp enough to go through the fabric not the sewers finger!!

It didn’t even make it into my needle store it went straight to the bin and got replaced with a cheap supermarket crewel needle.

I am trying to sew the rest of it according to the instructions but the thread is iffy, the yellow seems to barely cover the ground fabric where the green goes through like magic. I tried hand chain stitch but My addiction to the tambour hook made me soon give up. The difference you can see in the pictures hook is on the Left, needle on the right

.I will do some more work on it and let you know my verdict when it is complete!

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