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Finished, finishing and I made my own Corset.

Its been a while since the last blog but that’s for very good reasons, for tis the season of colds and coughs. Which do not mix well with fabrics and fine detail. I have fought through the sinusitis to do quite a few things however most are still ongoing but I have a few finished and finished a few others.


Well "finishing" as in "finishing touches" is the term for ensuring all your threads are tucked in and your embroidery looks perfect it also involves sewing the edges together and backing whatever you are presenting the finished piece in.

So, I have spent some time this week cutting and sewing felt circles and wadding onto the back of some flexi-hoops to make my Fox and Bird ready for their intended recipients for Christmas. This has started me attempting to understand blanket stitch, which is a bit of a weird one for me. You sew diagonally but with a twist around the previous stitch to make a right angle? When it works it is great! But getting working is a bit… strange.

I have also been working on a more personal project one intended to free me from some issues caused by spending long amounts of time sat at the table sewing and typing.

This type of lifestyle can take a toll on your back and posture especially if you are heavy in the bust like myself. Bra’s are expensive, uncomfortable and difficult to get the right fit and I have had enough of them so I tried making myself some Stays (corset) and succeeded!!

These are designed to be comfortable rather than “authentic” so I used a Red-threaded pattern and adapted it to configure to what I needed and, after a lot of cutting, sewing, hammering and ironing, I have a support garment which I am happy with!

Its not “finished” it needs some shaping and padding to deal with some issues with the boning ends; but I have worn it 2 days and I am really happy with the comfort level and the fact that the pressure is no longer on my shoulders and spine, but spread throughout my torso.

It’s also currently not embroidered but if I ever run out of other things to sew, I may get onto it.

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