full Copy edit.


This is a simple proofread to check your document is correct in the essentials.

  • Spelling .

  • Grammar.

  • Punctuation.

  • Consistency.

  • Readability.

  • Formatting.

  • Accuracy

I will also flag any problems I may encounter with the text that proofreading will not solve as part of the cold eyes review.

Copy editing.

A Light Edit is much like the proofread service. However, I will also tweak some of the words for more appropriate ones and can tailor the document slightly to a specific audience or purpose.

including captions and pictures if required.

A Medium Edit is a proofread and also a more in depth edit. Choose this option if you have a document that really needs work doing to make it read well and tailored for the intended audience

A Complete or Full Edit will change the text drastically  to alter its legibility and purpose, this could involve increasing or decreasing the word count to fit a certain objective. Click the button below for details.